By standard products we mean Tritan™ products which can be used freely for every potential customer or market. These standard products can, if desired, be supplied with both matching caps and or with decoration. Our designers will show you how the standard shape will look with the cap and decoration

Some examples:

Customize your own standard!

The Vita Round is the standard drinking water bottle from Tritan™. This cylindrical 500ml water bottle is available separately, but can also be combined with two matching closures. The design cap fits exactly on the neck of the bottle and complements the clean lines of the bottle. The functional sports cap has an extra protective cap and can therefore be easily used during sporting activities.


Please find below Zengo’s standard range. Click on an item for more information.


Durable design waterbottles


The safest BPA-free glasses out there!

Design shaker


Glass-look shakers that will not break or dent!


To inspire you with what is possible with Tritan™, our designers have developed some concepts for you. The material is produced using the commonly used Injection Stretch Blowmoulding Technique, which means there are almost unlimited design possibilities. Furthermore, Tritan ™ can be ordered in all colours and in almost all possible densities. Furthermore, the material lends itself perfectly for beautiful, striking embossing, which makes the product stand out even more on the shelf. If you want to know more about the different possibilities for a “personal” model, please contact our Tritan specialists via: