Now the wheither is getting better, we try to drink enough water. Many of us will use an empty plastic bottle and refill this every day. Makes sense, but did you know this is very bad for our health?

A plastic bottle (single use) which you buy in the store is not made to be reused and refilled. Doing this will result in certain chemicals and

A plastic bottle that you buy in the store is not made to be refilled every time. This means that various chemicals and harmful bacteria can be in your bottle. Certain chemicals that can be in the bottles have various negative effects on our body. Women in particular can experience negative effects. For example, it may affect ovulation in women and may increase the risk for hormonal disorders such as PCOS (there are multiple blisters (cysts) in the ovary) or the risk of breast cancer.
If you want to prevent this, it is best to dispose of the plastic bottles after one use (of course recycling). It is best to buy a bottle that is intended for reuse.

Tritan is the perfect solution for this!
The material is not only dishwasher safe and therefore reusable, it is also very stylish, crystal clear and strong! Contact us if you are interested in a Tritan solution:

Source: The Independent & Good Housekeeping