Upcoming Tradeshows

This upcoming year both Zengo and mother company PET Power are again represented at various tradeshows in Europe. We would like to meet you at one of the upcoming shows, which is the perfect place to look for new, innovating, inspiring and especially sustainable solutions for your product. Whether this is a sustainable packaging or


Zengo’s Tritan bottles prove an Eco-hit at UN Conference

Zengo / RPC Group provided a sustainable solution to help quench the thirst of over 350 delegates at a recent special UN Conference, ‘Human Rights in Poland’, held at the Warsaw University Library. The company provided 400 refillable water bottles to the conference organisers, eliminating the need for bottles and glasses of any sort and


Designcap or Sportscap?

Zengo has introduced 2 new caps for it's 500ml Vita Round waterbottle: the Designcap and Sportscap.  Both caps are 50mm and fit the Vita round bottle. The caps have it's own functionality and style: the Designcap (screw) fits seamless on the neck of the bottle and completes the sharp lines of the bottle. The functional


Tritan Cocktailshaker & cap

Every festive occasion deserves a cocktail! Doesn't matter if you're in a bar or at home the ZENGO cocktailshaker can not be missed. This is the first Tritan™ shaker on the market without a partingline! The shaker with sharp looking embossing has the chic look of glass, until you drop it. The ZENGO shaker is unbreakable,


Zengo introduces 500ml Vita Round

Zengo has made a standard available 500ml Tritan water bottle: the Vita Round! The Vita Round is a stylish cylindrical bottle with tapered should to the neck, and has a wide drink mouth. This wide mouth (50mm) is not only comfortable to drink, but also good for cleaning purposes. (in dishwasher).   Customize your own


Hydranome® introduces Stipp®

This beautiful Tritan bottle is developed with a special cap that helps to drink sufficient water and keep track of what you have been drinking. Besides this they developed a special Mobile App, which supports the drinking frequency. Zengo produces this magnificant bottle, interested in Hydranome, have a look: www.hydranome.com


Better not to re-use your single use bottle

Now the wheither is getting better, we try to drink enough water. Many of us will use an empty plastic bottle and refill this every day. Makes sense, but did you know this is very bad for our health? A plastic bottle (single use) which you buy in the store is not made to be


Launching ZENGO

The first European company focusing only on the manufacturing of BPA-free tritan™ copolyester products!  Zengo is a brand of RPC PET Power and the specialist in the manufacturing of Tritan™ products. Tritan™ is engineered to be better. Zengo products are clear, durable, safe and stylish. The great quality of our BPA-free products let it retain