Who is Zengo?

Zengo – founded in 2017 – is part of PET Power, a specialist in plastic packaging. Zengo focuses entirely on the development and production of BPA-free Tritan ™ products. We help our customers with reusable products and premium packaging from Tritan ™. Because of the many advantages of Tritan ™, this material lends itself perfectly to meet this need.

High quality ISBM Production
All Tritan ™ products from Zengo are produced at our parent company PET Power in the Netherlands. We have the right BRC and ISO certificates and we produce the Tritan ™ products on special production machines. The production and handling of these sustainable products require slightly different settings and packaging methods on all fronts, as a result of which we only work with specially trained staff. Quality guaranteed twice!

Global player in the field of rigid packaging

Both Zengo and PET Power are part of the RPC Group. This world player in the field of rigid packaging has a clearly sustainable growth focus. RPC recognizes the worldwide problem with litter in our oceans and applauds the use of multiple use of Tritan ™ solutions. The RPC Group is also very active in the recycling of plastic materials.

From first sketch to 3D printed model

Zengo can support you in the field of product development and design from the first sketches to 3D models. Everything under one roof and presented to you within a few working days! If you have any questions or interest, please feel free to contact us at:



Innovation means for us that we are constantly pushing boundaries with you with this versatile material. Some examples of recent innovations include the standard cocktail shaker, which is relatively easy to personalize. With a partner we make Tritan ™ drinking glasses with a pleasant drinking rim (this is necessary for the production process). All developments that contribute to the user-friendliness of our products. We would like to inform you about all possibilities during a personal meeting. Contact us via and we will respond as soon as possible.


Zengo strives for the highest quality for its Tritan™ products. We have a partnership with the well known supplier Eastman Chemical, which is the raw material producer of BPA free Tritan™. As a partner we have the advantage that we are the first to be informed of all material and raw material developments. So for Tritan™ innovations you are at the right place at Zengo.


ZENGO is proud to be part of the RPC group, the global design and engineering company that specializes in the processing of plastics in both the packaging and non-industrial industries. With more than 200 operating companies worldwide, located in over 30 countries, we are part of a team of 32,000 employees who strive to deliver excellent products through innovation, and the highest level of service. We can guarantee that we can provide a suitable solution for your product within the group!
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PET Power B.V.

Zengo is a part of packaging specialist PET Power. This company has a huge record in the field of PET and has also contributed to the development of the material. Apart from all customer specific models, the company is best known for its huge range of standard PET bottles and pots. The range consists of more than 700 models from 10 ml up to 7.5 liters. The focus markets are Food, Personal Care, Home and Health Care. Especially for the latter market, PET Power has a state-of-the-art cleanroom class 7!


ZENGO is serious about environmental protection and takes its responsibility in this regard by manufacturing environmentally friendly products made of Tritan™. One of the most important properties of this material is it’s durability. Because of the durability of this material all ZENGO’s products are dishwasher-safe without loss of quality. Because of this quality, all ZENGO’s products are reusable and will be able to replace the disposable products on the market.

ZENGO cares about the environment, something which is reflected in our production process. ZENGO aims for zero landfill and the lowest possible Co2 emissions. We do this by continuously focusing on lowering our energy consumption in production and consistently looking for waste recycling options.


Pepijn Weijland

Sales Manager

Kees Kok

Marketing Manager

Patty Dekkers

Customer Service

Rens van Dijk

Product Development Engineer

Daniël Langeweg

Production Manager


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